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EMS ABS Muscle Stimulating Kit

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Style: 12 Pads + Button Mode Selector

The desire for a exquisite & toned body is something we all fantasise about, yet rarely we ever achieve it. Introducing a seamless way to train your body without going to the gym, this EMS Abs Muscle Stimulator is your new reliable fitness companion.


 This device uses the combination of acupuncture and stimulation signals to assist you in achieving the toned and defined abs you deserve, all without going to the gym.

Unlike the gym this muscle training kit is a one time payment as opposed to recurring monthly gym membership fees

People mainly use the device on their Abs but it can also be used to train the arms & waist.


Featuring 6 different modes and 10 adjustable levels of intensity this device offers astonishing value for money, from Low to High modes you will be able to burn stubborn fat & enhance the look of your muscles through the strengthening of the EMS ABS Muscle Stimulating Kit.

REMEMBER! Physical change comes through dedication, this is NOT a get ripped quick scheme, what makes our muscle training device so special is that it allows you to work smart instead of always working hard, the combination of both breeds perfection.

You regularly for 15-30 minutes a day & charge easily with the included USB cable. When fully charged it can be used over the course of 3 workouts.

What Is EMS? The Muscles Act In Response To Signals From The Brain. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Is A Technology That Uses Electrical Signals To Stimulate And Directly Exercise Muscles Seamlessly & Effectively. To put simply; it's A Physical Training Device To Improve Your Muscles

The materials used to create this ABS device is Pristine Flexible Silicone, suitable for training the, Arms & Legs, Waist and the Abdominal Muscles. Each wing on each of the muscle stimulators is equipped with best in class Electrodes that target the Abdominal Muscles effectively to grow stronger & bigger.

  • High-tech unit with a wireless controller and 360 ° barrier-free.
  • Easy to use & seamless method of practical use.
  • Large replaceable gel pad that covers the muscle entirely.
  • Firms, tones, strengthens and tightens targeted muscles.
  • Electromagnetic impulses makes it effective to establish & define your nucleus with the reinforcement of muscular contractions.
  • Simple push-button use with 6 modes & 10 Speeds. Electric Muscular Stimulation Technology (EMS).
  • Recommended 15-30 minutes of usage alongside exercise, tightens muscles.
  • NOTE: We do NOT recommend using while driving, Be cautious if you are pregnant or have Skin allergies. Also not intended for those who rely on pacemaker heart machines to live.


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Package Includes:
1 x EMS Abdominal Area Stimulator
2 x EMS Arm/Waist Area Stimulator
1 x Button Controller/ LCD Button Controller (Depending on choice)
1 x USB Charging Cable 

FREE Gel pads included for each Area Stimulator Device.

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